Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 reasons why I LOVE vintage!

1. One of a kind!
Vintage is indeed one of a kind! I love having pieces of clothing that no one will ever have! I've always hated in elementary school and middle school when you and some other random kid wore the same thing (didn't we all?). So the feeling of having unique clothing is amazing! Lots of people always ask "where'd you get that? I want that!" and in like "I don't think you'll find anything like this, it's thrifted!". When you buy vintage you'll rarely find someone wearing the same exact piece!

2. It's inexpensive!
Most vintage clothing is very inexpensive. Certaing thrift stores often overprice their clothing.Very rarely do thrift stores have expensive clothing. I have my favorite thrifts stores that I know don't really overprice their clothing. You really have to dig into racks and piled of clothing for great deals! What's great about thrift stores is that they have daily sales!

                                                         3.The shopping excitement!
Thrift shopping is exciting! Most of the time people go into stores like forever 21 and know what merchandise they hold. Thrift stores are WAY different. You never know what to expect when going into a thrift store. Most thrift stores get new items daily. The fun part is digging through racks hoping to find great deals!

4. The variety!
Thrift stores have plenty of variety of clothing! Most thrift stores have even category of clothing. The possibilities of clothes in thrift stores are endless. And they carry clothing in almost every trend! Thrift stores always have plenty to go through!

5.New Clothing Scores!
Thrift stores don't only carry old clothing! Sometimes you'll find clothing that still has the tags on it. Just recently I thrift a brand new Vera Wang dress for only $5 (yes! Only $5!). That's was by far one of the best finds! Also one of the local goodwill that I often shop at always get brand new target clothes that target still has on its racks. I was drooling over this black and white stripped midi dress for $20 and I brought it at goodwill for only $4! Such a steal!

6. Endless designs and patterns!
All these patterns you see on runways and in popular stores are all inspired by vintage. For example lace, floral, chevron, acid wash denim, plaid, and so many more patterns are all vintage. All those patterns can be found in a thrift store!


                                                             7. There's a story behind it!
There is always a story behind your piece of clothing. You may or may or may not know the story. I once bought a gorgeous dress from a boutique store and the lady that sold it to me said that it was her great great grandmother's who designed dressed and other clothing.


                                                        8. Can easily mix with modern
I know my closet isn't just filled with vintage. I also have some modern pieces. They both mix together very nicely. Lots of celebrities and well known fashion guru's mix vintage and modern!

9. Vintage is More!

You can always buy tons of vintage for a very reasonable price. One shirt I bought at love culture is like 2 dresses one skirt and 2 shirts! You can always get your moneys worth at a thrift store!

10. The quality!
Vintage last a LONG time! I bought plenty of things at thrift stores years ago and it still is like I bought it fresh off the rack yesterday! The quality of vintage clothing is B-E-A-utiful!